ScriptEase II: Platform Independent Story Creation Using High-Level Patterns

by Kevin Schenk, Adel Lari, Matthew Church, Eric Graves, Jason Duncan, Robin Miller, Neesha Desai, Richard Zhao, Duane Szafron, Mike Carbonaro, Jonathan Schaeffer (2013). [pdf]

As the video game industry grows, both developers and creative authors seek new ways to simplify the process of controlling story content using scripts. This paper describes a story model and its software implementation, ScriptEase II, designed to solve this game design bottleneck. ScriptEase II is the second generation of the ScriptEase system, whose goal was to enable game authors with no programming ability to generate scripting code from high-level game patterns. ScriptEase II differs from the original in two important ways. First, ScriptEase II uses game-dependent translators to generate scripts for any game engine. Second, ScriptEase II uses a drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the story component creation menus that grew cumbersome in the original ScriptEase. The feasibility of code generation has been validated using three different game engines and the advantages of the simple drag-and-drop interface have been validated by a user study.